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Communications Forum Communications committee forum for idea sharing, networking and committee discussion.
Conferences and Events Share RFT and industry upcoming events. Utilize this area to network for carpooling, room sharing and reporting on other happenings within the industry.
Dealing with COVID-19 Your place to share news, information and have discussion on COVID-19 for our industry.
Education/Conference Forum Education/Conference committee forum for idea sharing, networking and committee discussions.
General Committee Forum General Committee forum for general topic discussion, idea sharing and committee networking.
General Industry Topics General topics related to the environmental industry.
Legislative Forum Legislative Committee forum for networking, reporting on current industry developments and news.
Membership Forum Membership Committee forum for idea sharing in order to keep our membership engaged, grow and retain new members and further the unity of RFT as a professional association.
Questions and Information Do you have a question or are in need of information. Post your question here for other members. It's a great way to peer share information.
Sponsorship Forum Sponsorship Committee forum for sharing of how to engage, obtain and retain sponsors.
State Goals Postings, information, comments and idea-sharing regarding the states recycling goals.

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